Excel Course From Coursera , Dropbox Paper, Toggl & Clockify


For quite some time I wished to learn Excel properly so that I could be more productive in my work. I wish to confess that any excel tips and skills that I had prior were all by having a hands-on experience with the basics of the software. Never viewed any course or taken up any classes to learn Excel. But thanks to Coursera and Macquarie University, I have finally been able to update my Excel skills.

Last month, I kept aside few hours every day / week to audit 3 courses on Coursera pertaining to Excel viz. Excel : Essentials, Excel – Intermediate I , Excel – Intermediate II offered by Macquarie University.

The course is well structured and comprehensive for anyone to learn excel. Apart from these 3 course, it also has Excel – Advanced course which I plan to audit after few weeks.


I am always ready to implement new ways to  handle my project better.  Since last few weeks, I have started using Dropbox Paper, Wunderlist to handle project progress.  Each document on dropbox paper acts like a daily log of work done with suitable headings, checklist.  I add timestamp to each log checklist entry in dropbox paper.  Alongwith paper, I use wunderlist to organize to-do’s of each project/client I am working on.  This week, I also tested Toggl / Clockify to track time for each particular project / client and get insights on how much time is spent on each particular item of Project List. Clockify seems to be freeware version of Toggl which just lacks android/ios app. Though it has paid plans but that’s only for those who require additonal features like Time Rounding, Time Audit & Locking of Timesheet. For now, I will fiddle with both the apps and see which will suit my requirements in the long run.